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Dr. Karmetria Burton




As a transformational leader, Dr. Burton has worked in various strategic management level positions with national and international responsibility involving diversity and inclusion for such companies as Xerox, AT&T and IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group) where she served as manager of supplier diversity.

Dr. Burton's business acumen and empowerment techniques have harvested respect amongst her peers as she is a noted contributor on Business, Corporate, Diversity, Faith, Self Improvement, Leadership and Empowerment.  Additionally, Dr. Burton has worked in academia instructing students on business, diversity, marketing and leadership courses.

The Story Behind The Magic

bigmama in white(1)_1.jpg

Dorothy Jean Walker aka Big Mama, my maternal grandmother is my inspiration for the #paintyourlipsred ( PYLR)  movement. She was the strong,  silent type. She raised me to love people, pray, support family and to stand up for myself.

In 2010, we moved Big Mama to Atlanta from Houston, Texas. I shared in the responsibility with my mother to take care of her. Her health was declining and now was a good time, for us to assist my family in Houston in caring for her and to spend time with her. I left Houston when I was 12 , and moved to Atlanta with my parents. Life happened. I went to college and lived in several cities as a corporate leader. When we decided to move her to Atlanta, I was excited. Although my grandmother raised me, I was excited to have her again in my life full-time. Although she was quiet, when she did speak, it was poignant, impactful and sometimes even funny. She didn’t bite her tongue for sure, she spoke up and out. Quietly, but with impact and strength.

Big Mama was on dialysis. She had dialysis 3 days per week and sometimes other doctor’s appointments. The first year she stayed with us, she was in the hospital on Christmas and was hospitalized for  23 days. Leading up to Christmas, we took decorations and decorated her room to share in the holiday spirit and to bring her joy. Even in her painful times, she smiled. My family shared in taking Big Mama to her doctor’s appointment during the week. When  it was my turn to take her for the week, she and I would laugh and talk, watch Lifetime, eat Cheetos and drink the occasional diet Coke.

Her routine was daily, wake up, pray, take her medication and get ready for her day. Without fail, after she would pray , take her meds and do her personal hygiene, she would say “ Give me my red lipstick”. It wasn’t a fashion statement for her, the red lipstick, was her cape for the day. The red lipsck was her strength, her power, her mojo, her fierceness, her fearlessness to face the day of dialysis, doctor’s appointments and on some days not feeling well.

Ladies, stand with me, sisters not by blood but by mission. Collaborating on the mission to stand together, using our voice to speak up against unfairness and injustice. Using our voice even if it shakes or if we are afraid.,

PYLR, is my dedication  to my grandmother, Dorothy Jean Walker, a women whose shoulders I stand on.


Ladies, Red lipstick, is no longer a  fashion statement, it’s a call to action! A call for women to be fierce, fearless and feminine- and her red lip is her reminder.


Thank you for standing with me,

Dr. Karmetria Burton


Paint Your Lips Red & Watch The Magic!

A portion of PYLR proceeds help to support BeLoved Atlanta.

BeLoved is a community of women who have survived trafficking, prostitution and addiction.

For more information visit:

PYLR's Founder, Dr. Karmetria Burton on

TV One's Sister Circle

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